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Tax advisory

The daunting task to precisely and effectively meet the demands of the continuously modified tax legislation can cause problems to anybody in the business life. Tax advisory has developed into a separate and independent service industry. Having professional tax advisory services at hand has become indispensable for businesses. Being a European Union member state means that business organisations in Hungary must comply with the international taxation standards and we also offer useful advice in this specialist field. As part of our company's tax advisory services our professional colleagues can help our customers to be aware of the taxation consequences of their business transactions.

Following our guidelines our customers can complete their business transactions with the optimum tax burden. Our company takes over the burden of taxation, bookkeeping, payroll accounting so that our customers can focus exclusively on fulfilling their own business operations. Either corporate tax, value added tax, personal income tax or other taxes and benefits are involved our expert colleagues oversee the complexity of each transaction or step and state the relevant taxation and administrative obligations. Your management can have access to many years of experience in the fields of taxation, payroll accounting and bookkeeping through our expert colleagues. This knowledge can be applied successfully in optimizing the tax burden of your company. Our colleagues have expert knowledge in the banking and financial services, in the field of real estates, takeovers or buyouts and in answering the relevant questions. Our advisors are happy to help our customers in case of tax audits, self-revision audits, official statements and legal issues. Self-revision tax audits mean the revision of the past activities and operations of a business unit in the field of taxation. It includes the revision of the tax analytics and records, tax returns and payments up to the period of maximum five years retrospectively. Our revision includes not only the shortages but the surpluses as well. Our methodology is nearly the same as that of the NAV (Tax Office) but in our methodology there is an itemized revision of the individually defined "problematic" areas assigned by our customer.

We offer our help so that your business organisation meets the requirements as well as abiding the statutory requirements in the fields of corporate tax, value added tax, personal income tax, other taxes and benefits. We inspect your company's administration in full-scale and give advice about electronic invoicing, electronic archiving and electronic VAT tax return completion.

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